Two Bears Dog Training Offers Some of the Best Dog Training in the Erie Area

Whenever you get a new puppy it is smart to utilize professional dog training in Erie. Many different companies offer services to train your dog. However, our trainers at Two Bears Pet Services Inc. specialize in helping you with your new puppy.

At Two Bears Inc., offer quality dog training in Erie and surrounding areas. When your new pet is between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks it is best to start training. Our private one on one classes teaches you and your family how to begin your puppy’s learning process.

During this age period when they are just puppies, dogs figure out their learning styles. Our trainers teach both you and your puppy basic obedience skills during the professional dog training in Erie we offer. We know that the puppy’s first 20 weeks is critical to their future training.

During the first 20 weeks of their lives, puppies learn many necessary survival skills. In this stage of their lives, puppies learn how to learn. They also figure out what is dangerous and what is safe. Another skill they acquire very young is how they get what they want.

All of these skills learned at a young age set the foundation for their behavior when they are adults. While dogs are young it is good to instill a good learning foundation. Training can start at home very young but then it is necessary to get them enrolled in classes. A recent news story discusses myths when it comes to training your puppy and emphasizes the need for professionals.

Our classes can help build your puppies’ behavioral skills so that they can learn new things easily. Building a good foundation and developing good learning skills will help your dog learn new commands when they get older. Our training also helps puppies learn social skills that they will carry with them as adult dogs.

We know that training your new puppy basic obedience commands do not happen overnight. Therefore, we help give you things to work on every day. We help you train your dog basic obedience commands consistently from the time they are young until they reach adulthood.

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