Dog Training Testimonials

Dog Training

I have trained two dogs ( a Vizsla and a terrier mutt) with John at Two Bears over the last 8 years and immediately called them once my new pup arrived. Unlike the typical training class, John’s focus is on building a partnership between you and your dog, so your dog emerges feeling more secure, stable and engaged than when you start. You can actually watch your dog thinking and learning with each tiny action. If you’re serious about wanting a well-trained dog who can do anything you ask,
give them Two Bears a call.

- Rachael Thomas

We have a now 6-month-old puppy who likes to pick up rocks. John told us instead of trying to grab them out of her mouth before she swallows them to instead bring the rock to us and get a big reward. The picture is all the rocks she has brought us. Over the weekend this behavior saved her life as she found a can of rat poison at the back of a cabinet when we weren't watching her and we only know she got it because she brought it to us! We believe she only consumed a small bit and followed all the protocols the vet recommended.

- Shannon

Hi John, Diann!

I took Mauser to the park yesterday and she was a rock star! There were some men playing volleyball in the area next to where I was doing some drills being really loud and she stopped a couple of times to look at them but stayed focused on her drills! We did place board, perch, and the lead and toss game. They finished their game just as I was about to finish. Their cars were parked right in front of where I was doing the drills, very close. I decided to keep going to see if she would stay focused on me and she did, even though they were walking close to us/talking loud/bouncing balls and generally being really loud! A lady and puppy even walked by and Mauser stopped and looked at them for a second but then went back to drills. I had the "Let Me Be" vest on and no one approached us. Then I took her to the garden center at Lowe's to walk around. She tried to stop a couple of times but I got her attention with a treat and she did really well. The "Let Me Be" vest is sooo great!!!! People just say "beautiful puppy" and they keep walking. 🙂 Thank you!

- Anna

Rio was a year old when we adopted him from the Longmont Humane Society. He had been mistreated by his former owners and developed some serious behavioral problems. Rio spent several weeks at the shelter and in a foster home in the hopes he could be rehabilitated and put up for adoption. Fortunately, he came far enough along to pass his evaluation and come home with us. However, within a week or so some unpleasant behaviors resurfaced. He was leery of people and lunged at skateboards and people in motion. He reacted negatively to rocking chairs, stationary bikes, even people shaking hands, and was very uncomfortable around children, including our 7-year-old granddaughter. We called John for help and began a series of training classes designed to correct these conditions. We’ve had Rio eight months now. After the initial classes with John, participation in Two Bears weekly group sessions, and daily training on our part, Rio is a different dog. He has learned all the essential obedience commands, is a strong candidate for the Canine Good Citizen award and has the potential to become a trained agility dog. If unacceptable behavior surfaces, we now have the tools to help him. The really gratifying outcome of the guidance we’ve received from John and Diann is that Rio and our granddaughter are now best buddies. He will obey her commands and even run and play with her, an outcome we thought was highly unlikely just a few short months ago. This picture of Rio and our granddaughter is testimony to the success we’ve had from the training at Two Bears.

- Toni

We cannot say thank you enough to John and Diann. With John’s expertise, Diann’s support and a lot of dedication, we were able to help our 18-month-old, out of control rescue become the perfect family dog he was meant to be. John’s extensive knowledge of dog behavior helped us through many challenges with patience, kindness, and understanding for a dog who had been mistreated most of his life. Nothing makes us happier than having a dog who comes bounding toward us when we call him.
Thank you!

- Jen, Jeff, Colby, Trevor, & Chance

Hello Diann and John,

I want to thank you for among many pieces of wise counsel the particular piece of advice of yours that I elected to use contrary to the suggestion of the breeder. I came to you when my black Labrador pup was about five months old and had fallen prey to a bit of over-training in my hands. John specifically told me to introduce tug play/training into the regimen contrary to my breeder's advice. It was immediately apparent that this was extraordinarily bonding for Three, and for me. Eye contact became extraordinary, attention improved, and there is now never a time when any sort of training session at any time of day or night is not met with joy, even though we may not do formal tug play every day. I believe in scientific principles, and given the many variables involved In training, I cannot prove that tug play was causal. But there is such a powerful correlation that it should not be ignored. I believe it was very important and thank you for the encouragement. And for focusing on training me first, and only then training Three.

- Keith


I just wanted to tell you that I took Ruby to the dog park today (it's been a really long time since we've gone), and I had the most focused dog at the park. I had a woman come up to me and say "Wow, your dog is doing great! You must have trained with 2 Bears." Ruby and I thank you!

- Leanne

Pet Food

We switched our toy Affenpinscher Gus to the AFS Raw Meat Diet when he was ten months old. Prior to changing his diet, he had problems digesting his processed food and we were having to express his anal glands every other week. We have not had to express his glands once since making the change. He is always energetic, his coat is soft and shiny, his teeth are in perfect condition and he never has bad breath. Gus now always looks forward to his meals and the freeze-dried product is very convenient for the times when we are on the go or Gus needs to be kenneled. We would never have believed the raw diet would have so many benefits until seeing the changes over the past year.

- Anne & Ed

Beija is absolutely thriving on her Majestic Raw diet. When we transitioned her from half kibble to 100% raw, her energy level (which was already high) noticeably increased. Her eyes, coat, body, and teeth are in superb condition, and she is allergy-free when on the raw diet. And of course, she loves it! Incidentally, we tried another raw brand once with a lot of other ingredients like eggs and veggies added to the meat, and she couldn't keep it down - needless to say, that experiment ended quickly. We swear by Majestic Raw and have recommended it for our friends' and family's dogs.

- Amy & Tony

Dear Diann,

I appreciate your arranging for Annabelle (our 11-year-old Yorkie) to enjoy her beef again. She has always been a really good eater, but lately, on "Detailed Answers A Plus Nutrition" beef patties, she started balking and finally stopped eating, chewing grass and throwing-up for 2 days. When I began to work with a slightly thawed roll of your raw beef, she came, watched and again excited to watch "dinner" be prepared. She’s eating happily again. As it is, because of arthritis in her rear hips, we have to add amendments of MSM and (Rainbow Light) Healthy Motion. She’s happy-I’m happy and thankful for your help.

- Bruce & Mary Annette K.

I have a degree in Nutritional Science (from the University of Wisconsin) and started feeding a raw and homemade diet to my dogs over 12 years ago. I still can't understand how manufactured dry kibble has come to be accepted as a daily diet for dogs and cats. My three old (dearly departed) dogs ate a partially raw diet for most of their lives. Their condition kept improving with the proportion of raw and they lived long healthy lives with a marked absence of chronic illnesses. Even my little dwarf German Shepherd who had a host of congenital problems lived to be almost twelve in good condition and excellent spirits. My current dog is a young German Shepherd, Lena. She is from a breeder in California who has been feeding raw only for over 10 years. The breeder said that she has had no cancers in her dogs since the switch. Lena has eaten raw only since weaning and I'm sure it greatly contributes to her shining excellent health. She also maintains the correct weight quite easily on this diet. Lena is a search dog (trailing/tracking) and has plenty of energy to work long days in all sorts of conditions. Her great vitality which has allowed me to work her in all sorts of interesting dog activities in addition to search work. We've done some herding, agility, and obedience. I've found is that in circles where dogs need to really perform, raw diets are increasingly common. I also think that raw diets support nervous system development which is as important in dogs as it is in people. Majestic and Nature's Advantage foods are really excellent. Lena loves them - she gets really excited about each and every meal. I like the combination of muscle, organ, and bone. The patties are convenient - Lena gets one patty for each meal. The food smells and looks fresh. I like it that AFS is from Wisconsin (like me). And I love it that they've been in this business for decades. Thanks for making this food available! I have participated in group obedience classes with John and Diann and I definitely credit them with encouragement and help in preparing for my first foray into performance obedience. Their classes have really helped me up my game in training and handling (and they are both fun and challenging).

- Morgan W.

Let Me Be™ Vest

Brody is more of a “typical” GSD. He only feels comfortable with his owners, he is very leery of strangers, and all of his meetings with new people have to be on his terms. As long as strangers keep their distance he could care less about them. I used to get very emotional about this behavior and sometimes embarrassed. But as time passes and I learn more about the breed and about people, I have learned… ultimately no matter what, I am responsible for my dog. I am his advocate. The vest has been wonderful for us. I can take him almost anywhere with me without having to worry about people wanting to approach him and make him uncomfortable. People don’t even ask if they can pet him. Before the vest, when people would ask if they could pet him and I would have to say “No” you can’t….it was like they were offended, they would want to know “why not?” Like I was some evil owner. But it is not only for their safety but more importantly, the safety of my dog. I will do everything in my power to keep him with me, keep him happy and safe for the rest of his life. I have hopes that this amazing vest does help people become more aware and respect that dogs are animals and they do need their space. We have to be their voice so they don’t have to use their teeth.

Thank You Two Bears!!

- Mel & Brody

People really pay attention when they see me walking Jasper sporting his vest. Cars stop at the crosswalk even before we are ready to cross. Pedestrians keep their distance, and usually just smile and nod.

- Peggy & Jasper

I think our vest must be working because people don’t seem to approach us these days. Now if we could just get people to keep their dogs leashed!

- Patti & Chloe

I just came back from walking and was about to make a post on FB. We were not approached by anyone while out today – I would like to think it was because of the vest, but in all honesty, it was because no one else was daft enough to be out walking in this weather.

- Michelle & Harvey