The Owners

Meet the Team

Husband and wife team John Hendershot and Diann Yandrich combine a wealth of knowledge and understanding of canine nutrition, behavior, and training to give their clients the best in complete pet services at reasonable rates. They are committed to providing the highest quality professional pet service available.



John has been a professional dog trainer since 1997, turning 15 years of working with human athletes (professional cyclists) into training for canine athletes. His love for and calm approach to working with dogs makes learning and understanding totally clear for the canine student and fun for the human student. John has, and continues to, attend seminars given by trainers with different approaches making him very proficient in the understanding and use of all methods and tools for dog training.

John has volunteered with the Behavior and Training department of the Longmont Humane Society to help shelter dogs develop the skills they will need to be adopted and remain in their forever homes. John is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). He is a member of DVG America and the United States Mondio Ringsport Association and serves as president of Black Diamond Working Dog Club.

John was introduced to the sport of Schutzhund while living in Belgium. He has put Schutzhund II, IPO II, and Schutzhund Obedience III titles on his German shepherd dog, Ursa, (one of the Two Bears), Schutzhund BH and AKC CD titles on his Belgian Malinois, Wart, and 2x Schutzhund IPO3 title and Mondio Ringsport Brevet on his Belgian Malinois, Ugh. His new puppy, Pig, is in training for IPO and Ring sport.


Diann has worked with, cared for and trained animals, both domestic and exotic, since 1964. At the age of eleven, as a junior volunteer at the ASPCA in New York City, she took her first obedience class with a staff member's chihuahua and later a young German shepherd. Since then Diann has worked for the Bronx Zoo, ASPCA, Denver Dumb Friends League and Raptor Education Foundation. She was the Education Coordinator for the Longmont Humane Society for 3 years. Diann has also assisted in a veterinary clinic in Estes Park and another in Belgium. 

While living in Belgium, Diann apprenticed with Geert DeBolster, the first "positive motivational" trainer in Belgium. Geert introduced her to a new way of thinking about and training dogs as well as the sport of Schutzhund. She acquired her German shepherd dog, Cheyenne, (the other of the Two Bears) from him. Diann is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), DVG America and the United States Mondio Ringsport Association (USMRA). Diann is also an AKC certified CGC evaluator.

Diann has put an All American CD title on her mixed-breed dog, Ten-Thirty, Schutzhund II, IPO II, and WD titles on her German shepherd dog, Cheyenne, and Rally Novice, Schutzhund I, Mondio Ringsport II titles on her Belgian malinois, Spit. Her black lab, Devon, is a registered therapy dog with The Alliance of Therapy Dogs. They have participated in reading programs at Columbine Elementary in Boulder and Erie Library. Devon visited patients and staff at Exempla Good Sam hospital in Lafayette. Devon helped at-risk children at Skyline Vista Elementary school in Denver develop self-worth, confidence and team building through agility training.

John and Diann currently share their home with Pig, a Belgian malinois, Devon a black lab and two cats Oscar and Felix.