Training Your Puppies When They are Young Proves to be Beneficial

The addition of new puppies to your household can be a fun but challenging experience. When puppies are young they start learning and developing skills to learn. Usually, the rule is to take a puppy away from their mother at around eight weeks old.

However, just because we may not take our new pet home until they are eight weeks, the dog has been learning since it was born. Once you take puppies home you must begin some training. When dogs are eight to 20 weeks old they learn a lot of their basic behavioral skills.

You can start teaching your puppies when they are as young as seven to eight weeks. At this age, they can start to learn some basic commands. It is also vital to start housebreaking your puppy as soon as you bring them home at eight weeks old.

Basic Obedience Training

Shortly after you bring your new pet home, it is wise to start bringing your puppy to professional dog training lessons. Our private training sessions at Two Bears Dog Training help you train your puppy while they are young to learn basic commands such as “sit” and “stay.” Our classes also help you better understand your puppy and help them learn good behaviors.

We help you and your family better understand how dogs learn so that you can help them build learning skills while they are young. Once a solid learning foundation is established, your dog will be able to learn new commands better as they grow into adulthood. Learning basic “sit” and “stay” commands can be very difficult for a dog. If they are trained well when they are young they will learn more commands at a quicker pace.

Proper socialization is vital to enable your puppy to grow into a confident dog. Learning how to introduce your puppy to new situations, people and other dogs will help them behave better in different situations.

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