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Breed: Black Lab
Owner(s): Susan

Two Bears Dog Training

Lafayette, Colorado

I adopted a 14 week old, totally deaf, black Labrador puppy. I had worked diligently with a trainer using positive reinforcement and hand signals. But this method relied upon him looking at me at all times and when he was distracted by anything or trotted off in another direction, it all fell apart.

I worried that, being deaf, my dog could wind up in a dangerous situation and I wouldn't be able to warn or save him or, due to his gregarious nature, that he might intimidate someone who isn't comfortable around dogs. I had reached my wit's end and both puppy and human were very frustrated and confused. That is when I met John and he introduced me to the e-stim collar. I was nervous at first about using such a device on an already confused and very sensitive puppy. John taught us both that it was to be used strictly as a way of communicating clearly, "our electronic language", and never as a punishment. He demonstrated that my dog's frustration and erratic response to me was because he wasn't sure what I wanted. There was a learning curve on both of our parts but the results have been utterly wonderful. I now have a very happy, social, and safe young dog who is relaxed and can go with me anywhere. We still rely upon hand signals but the collar has given me a way of getting his attention when I need it. He is far better behaved than most hearing dogs when we walk on open space or other trails. Beethoven is a happy, well-adjusted, friendly, playful, confident dog and I am a relieved guardian thanks to John's work with both of us.

Susan W.
Lafayette, Colorado

P.S. I have friends with hearing dogs who have worked with John and are also using the collars and what a relief not to have them constantly yelling at their dogs during our walks.


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